Biljetter till Karl Rove!

Almedalsbloggen har den stora äran att kunna förmedla biljetter till morgondagens evenemang med Karl Rove. Titta in på bloggen på morgonen så kommer mer instruktioner.


  1. Rove är i princip efterlyst, och ni säljer biljetter?

    ”We’ll would do what any self-respecting committe would do. We’d hold him in contempt. Either that or go and have him arrested.” – Rep. John Conyers, House Judiciary Committee Chair.

  2. Trevligt att ni kommer kunna förmedla biljetter, men blir det till gällande marknadspris eller till ett i förväg fastställt pris? ;)

  3. Micke says:

    Of course the democrats are angry with Karl Rove; he won the election for Bush. Now when the house is democrat, the democrats try to ”get back” by having him arrested for something (anything!). It is just politics…
    It is a great honor having Karl Rove in Sweden. I think he is one of the smartest guys on the planet!

  4. Micke, you convey a perception of justice as being a political game angry people play. Maybe you are right. Would you agree that the less justice, the angrier the people?

    NYT seems to be pretty angry too since they say today’s vote on the US equivalent to a FRA-law would be ”Compromising the Constitution” if there is a majority for immunity.

    In the context of Rove’s comments on the importance of principles, ”immunity” doesn’t sound like a winning concept to me. What do you think?

  5. Micke says:

    Well Erik, NYT is just one of the most liberal media in US. Of course they would say that. About ”FRA” and similar US versions I think that private domain is sacred, and it might be against US constitution to break it. On the other hand we need to fight the terrorists. It is a tough call..
    About Karl Rove, I think people like him have to have immunity, since anyone could else persecute them for anything just for the sake of getting back. US Congress is by the way the legislative branch in US, not the judicial. The attempt to ”arrest” Karl Rove, is just dirty politics. If Karl Rove really was in legal trouble, I think he would have been addressed by the judicial branch in my opinion.