Almedalen is back!

Almedalsveckan is an annual political event which has taken place every year for the past 46 years. This event started in 1968 when the Swedish minister of education and later prime minister, Olof Palme, was asked by the local residents of Visby to stay a moment and hold a speech for them during his holiday on the island.

The political parties, their speeches, seminars and press conferences are the core events during Almedalen. However, this event has also become a platform for other actors to get visibility to discuss and raise important issues in Swedish policies. Almost 2000 seminars, workshops and political activities have been registered for this year’s event and about 18 000 people are expected to attend. Almedalen brings unions, institutions, companies, lobbyists, non-governmental organizations, press, foundations and agencies to discuss national and international issues. Some of the seminars are also in English.

This unique event has been known for its openness for everyone to listen, debate, and discuss politics and network. Many people like to attend for its free entrance, food and drinks or for its get-togethers.

Almedalen will be in the centre of the Swedish media coverage and on everyone’s lips. Every Swedish political party will have their own day where the party leader will hold a speech in the evening. This year will the speeches have a bigger importance as we go in elections next year for the European parliament and the general elections in Sweden.

Almedalen is a very unique event of its kind and very Swedish in the way it has been organized. Many people describe the event as very open and free where the country’s representatives and politiciants can walk on the streets as ordinary people.

No matter you like politics or not you will like the environment during Almedalen where the beauty of Visby will embrace you.

Information about Visby:

Visby is a World Heritage town and it is a walled town with roses, ruins, narrow cobblestone streets, a wide range of cozy restaurants and pubs, markets and of course the town wall itself. Visby visited by almost 450 000 tourists just during the summer period and all year around. For more information please check the below link: