The Phenomenon of Almedalen – in English”

Once a year, politicians, journalists, lobbyists and anyone that can make their way  across the sea to the island of Gotland, gather for one week at the phenomenon called Almedalen. But how can Almedalen be perceived, from the sidelines? Let Godwyll Osei-Amoako, new member of the editorial team here at, guide you.

Attention! The following parchment must be read with the voice of David Attenborough or any other posh British personalities accent and a pair of Pince-nez glasses in order to be enjoyed in its entirety.

You may have seen the extravagant pictures, read the spiteful mainland tweets and listened to the harsh reviews. For one week a year, the isle of Gotland in the Baltic Sea, Sweden’s first line of defense against the Federation, which must not be named in the east, turns into a mecca for anyone with a pocket deep enough to fork out the astronomical funds needed no lodge on the Isle to influence the influencers of Swedish politics, or summer campers with a exigent need to tell politician like it is in the “real world.”

Observing from afar I’ve often wondered if they’re having as much fun as they seem to be. The politicians and business people alike giggling away with their glasses of Moet(no this is not a sponsored article) at exclusive by invitation only mingles making sure to keep a gregarious demeanor befitting the grandeur of the occasion while stuffing their faces with petite Swedish hors d’oeuvres with a French twist.

No, I’m not bitter. All right, perhaps a bit…Yes, I’m very bitter! Now get on with understanding the spirit of my message.

Much like Galapagos or any other secluded Isle, Gotland has developed an array of rhythms and mechanisms to cope with the inundation of mainlanders during the week. Islander rent out the abodes to mainlander at rates that would shock the likes of Richard Branson. Many make it a tradition to flee to the mainland to avoid mainlanders.

This phenomenon is peculiar but makes perfect sense. You see, the mainlanders when introduced to the warped reality of what Almedalen machinery has evolved into assume manners and behaviors they otherwise don´t have.

Here are some personalities you´re sure to stumble across when in Almedalen this summer:

Battery hunters. Much like the original crocodile hunter, battery hunters stalk around, pressrooms, mingles and alleyways looking for lonely battery chargers of various brands, just in case their batteries go low.
Be very careful.